R07234 - "Continuation of Advice of Deposit Detail"


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OK - I'm a Newb, when it comes to Functionality (be ye kind, please)...

What 'triggers' the R07234 "Continuation of Advice of Deposit Detail" to print? Today we had a payroll run (Advices) - and one employee was on the R07234 report. We noticed that his totals did not display on the advice, and did appear to balance the 'Continuation' report.

Why? How do we avoid the 'irregularity' in the future?

Hi Daniel,

The system will allow 14 lines on the R07233 before it will roll over to the attachment (R07234). I have not found a way to avoid that, but I am not a developer, maybe you can get around the limitation.
Thanks Pam,

Yes - you are correct, hard-coded not to allow more than 14 lines.

On the payroll's setup - you can limit the number of lines to fewer than 14, though.

This functional learning - ... mind-blowing, sometimes ....