R04575 - running slow


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The report R04575 is running really slow. Couple of
months before it used to take 6 to 7 hours to
complete. Now it takes couple of days to complete.
Could you please give some tips in fixing this. Your
help is greatly appreciated.
We are in B7332 SP11.3 SQL-7.0/NT

David S



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It's either specs or data at fault, assuming your config is up to scratch.
Does it take that long in every environment?
Review the state of your indexes on the tables the report uses (in each
environment). Try using the update statistics command, regenerate the
indexes, or create new ones as needed.

How many cheques are you updating at a time? This ube has always been slow,
but I have never seen it be that slow. I have seen payment groups of a
couple of thousand cheques take 6 - 7 hours to update under B732.2. We are
now on Xe and the speed has improved considerably. This doesn't help with
your problem but hopefully gives you a guide.


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