R03B620 create multi RM?


[FONT=&quot]Is there a program or automatically way to convert the open balance of RU ( close it ) and to just one RM ?

Not sure data or UBE issue. We run the R03B620 to convert RU to RM. We fully expects it should applied the open balance of the RU and convert to just ONE RM. However, we have some RU that has been partial applied to invoice in the past or accidently applied then unapplied again... well you name it. At the end, there are multi row in F03B14 for same RU

In this case, if R03B620 is run, new row is created in F03B14 ( DCT = RU ) for each existed row to off set it. BUT it also created multi RM. In the other word, if there are three row for in F03B14 for given RU, three RM are created. Suddenly our customer has a lot more RM.

Any UBE(s) can handle this.... our goal it to write a UBE to, by given the RU Document number, to close them then convert the balanace to create just on RM??[/FONT]
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