E9.2 R03B4201B -A/R Details with aging - above 10 yrs


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Hi All,

We have requirement to pull Customer A/R Details which are more than 10 years.
Currently the report R03B4201B has only 6 aging buckets.

There are only 6 aging categories in the processing options for Aging Method=1.
How to increase them to 10 Categories and more?. Is it possible to increase.
The aging category 1,2,3 processing options are size 3 and not allowing values more than 999.
Even if we enter any value, it replaces to 999.

Any idea on how to accomplish this requirement?.

Vijay Vattiprolu
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Seriously? More than 10 years?
The number of Aging Buckets are fixed. You want more you're going to have to do custom programming. Ditto for more days


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Yes Lary. The client has customers A/R data more than 10 years.
So they want to display more aging buckets.


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If you're only interested in getting the over 10 years invoices into a report, you should be able to go into data selection and only include those that have an invoice date or GL date older than 10 years. That won't work on the as-of versions or if you want to show ALL invoices, just in different categories. For that you'll have to do custom programming as noted above.


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Thank you Jemez.

This is what I did.
1. Removed the existing 6 Aging categories(size 3 - cannot accept more than 999 value) and added new 8 PO's(size 4 of array type) for 8 buckets.
2. Added new Aging Column 7 and 8 report variable in Company Level Break Header.
3. In BSFN FormatAgingColHdings replaced value 6 to 8 to display 8 buckets.
4. Added New Aging Column 7 & 8 in A/R Reports Section.
5. Below code added in DO section.

If VA sec_cAgingCategory_EV01 is equal to "5"
RV AgingColumn6 = BC Amount Open (F03B11)(AAP)
If VA sec_cAgingCategory_EV01 is equal to "6"
RV AgingColumn7 = BC Amount Open (F03B11)(AAP)
RV AgingColumn8 = BC Amount Open (F03B11)(AAP)
End If
End If
6. Accordingly create report variables for Customer level break footer and Company level break footer and Grand Total.

With this, user will have the option to give aging days more than 999, like 2500, 3985 which turns to 6.8 and10.9 yrs

Here is the output I got.