R03B22 - results not subtotals for each customer


Hi List,
We have a problem of R03b22 not subtotaling the deliquency for all the
address numbers.It subtotals for most of the address numbers,but does'nt
subtotal for some of them.
We are on B7332SP11.3/NT/SQl,applied mother ESU.
Does anyone have any suggestion?

Thank you.
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R03B22 subtotaling on UKID (unique key) field from F03B23 table, not on AN8 (address number). UKID and AN8 in F03B23 should be in 1:1 relation. If they are not try to change data sequencing to subtotaling on AN8.

Hope this helps,

Dawn Walczak

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I am wondering if anyone is having a similar problem with the same report R03B22.
The report R03B22 is kicked off by R03B525 and has processing options under the fee tab to either run in proof or final mode. What I am interested in is the A/R Delinquency Fee Journal report that prints out. Upon running the report, the data in the table is updated correctly although the final mode report is incomplete.
Proof mode - report is complete. For a particular address number, all balances that are subject to a late charge are reflected.
Final mode - report is incomplete. Although it shows all address numbers, not all the balances are listed that are subject to a late charge. It seems to show only the first 4 or 5 and then goes on to the next address number.
JDE E900
Tools release 8.98.34
I am still fairly new to JDE and extremely new to the financial report segment so please be kind. Just ask should I have not included any crucial information.

Alex Blasenheim

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I saw this issue ages ago on a much earlier release and I believe there was an ESU fix. You might want to ask this same question on the EnterpriseOne Applications forum. Make sure the "Final" Processing Options, data selection, and sequencing are exactly the same as the "proof" version.