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Yes, we did.
We are using World since a couple of years only.

The first year we tried your "option 1" (separate, dedicated environment)
but we discovered that the final step (copy back to the production
environment) was a nightmare, since many files (mainly Item Master, Bill of
Materials, Routing Master, etc.) had gone out of parallelism and a simple
copy was impossible; the users had to re-type everything.

The second year we tried another solution : use a separate branch/plant for
the budget simulation. This one worked very well and also the final
copy-back was pretty nice (using different plants, you have your F4101 that
remains common ...!!!)
We only had some problem with the Bills of Materials "Revision Level"
(fields BREV and CMRV) wich is a very important information to us, since we
use the "ECO" process to create/maintain BoM's and since our system is QA

The third year ... is now !
We also are very interested in knowing someone else's experience and sol

By the way : don't you believe that an ERP should supply some standard
solution to such an issue ?

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Oggetto: Simulation of Business for Budgeting Purposes


One of my clients is inquiring on the feasibility of using JDE to simulate
different business scenarios for budgeting purposes. We are thinking along
these lines:
1. Have a separate, dedicated simulation environment.
2. Use different ledger types for different scenarios, i.e. instead of AA,
use S1 for scenario 1, S2 for scenario 2, ...
3. Per "simulation run", initially establish the simulation parameter, i.e.
exchange rate, purchase cost, frozen standard costs, etc.
4. Process 1 whole year of business in a few transactions per simulation
ledger type, i.e. enter an annual sales order, run MPS/MRP, process
messages, than PO's and WO's.
5. Once the future budget Sx has been identified, copy Sx from simulation
environment to BA in production as next years budget.

We are aware of alternative methods, which we can use for certain accounts
or account ranges, i.e. JDE budgeting and modeling, capacity requirements
planning, spreadsheet up/down load, Hyperion, etc. The intend of this post
is really to solicit comments, recommendations, warnings regarding a full
business simulation approach using JDE. Has anybody done this?


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