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Qzdasoinit jobs on AS/400


Active Member
We have 750 prestart Qzdasoinit jobs starting for OneWorld. Lately, we've
been having slow down issues and it appears that new ODBC connections are
being started which would account for the possible slow-down times. We are
worried that the old odbc connections are not being 'freed' when the user(s)
close out of an application or connection. We recently upped our pre-start
jobs on the 400 from 500 to 750 and continue to have this problem.

For example: today we had 35 users logged on and the dspactpj entry shows
that there were 800 active prestart jobs! No WAY!

Any ideas or helpful hints?

Toni Nanneman
CNC Administrator
503-370-7071 x7262

B7322 SP12.2; NT; SQL 6.5; coexist on AS/400 with A73 cum 8