E9.2 Queue Orchestrator but don't wait for response

Yu Hong

Dear all,

I have an orchestrator design that will need to queue the request (considering the orchestrator need to take latest 3 set of F0002 next numbering and perform setup via form requests). This orchestrator will consumes around 15 sec to complete the request.

However, as the 'request queue' getting longer, the request will vary and depends on the queue length. For example

Queue No.Response time
115 sec
230 sec
345 sec
460 sec
51 min 15 sec

If the queue is too long at the moment (e.g. 30 request are queuing), the client who call this API request will face timeout issue. In this case, what is the alternative 1) to queue the request and 2) prevent long response time until the request is perform in the queue?

or any other workarounds such as:
1) Add an layer of API to accept the request, insert into a customized 'queue' table, and run a scheduled batch program to perform the request on the table. Or
2) Advise client side to perform loop the request if the request timeout?

Thanks in advance!


Legendary Poster
I don't have a lot of experience with Orchestrator so take this for what its worth. I believe there is a "fire-and-forget" option in Orchestrator that will do what you want. If I understand correctly it could effectively be used to do what you want - submit a request but not wait for a response.

If you need a response you could effectively construct a call back by having the Orchestration invoke a Web Service in the caller when the transaction in Orchestrator actually executes.