Question on upgraded Revision/Grade of stock on a Rework Work order



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Hi all,

I am a developer and I've been asked to look at the following. In P3111

We have an issue with revisions/lot grades and rework work order and the reclaim of stock.

Say we have an item that is used in making kits. It was Rev A in 2015, now for some reason it has become Rev B in 2016.

We have a rework order in 2016 for a kit built back in 2015. So the item used in the kit in 2015 was Rev A. (however the Item Branch now says Rev B for this item in 2016)

We think E1 is using the current IB record to get it's Rev and will put stock back into E1 using today's value of Rev B

During a rework order, where there are co/by products going back into stock, we want the ability to actually put Rev A back into stock (because that's what it IS and what was used in the BOM/Parts List at the time) not what the item branch currently is, Rev B.

This is from the requester:

When we create rework workorders we use process items and have to add a co-product(this is what the item gets made into) and by-products (this is material we reclaim put into stock)

From the workorder file row exit to Co-product/By-product screen and we enter the items here this reads the F3111 file in here we want to show the standard grade field and have it editable (STDG field)

It should pull this value from the item branch F4102 STDG field for the item

However in doing the above we could have a situation where we have a co or a by product that now has rev B on the item branch but when we built this product these parts were actually rev A so I want the users to be able to change the standard grade to what is on the product.

When completions run I would then need whatever standard grade is on the co/by-product to populate onto the lot master and inventory file

Can anyone help me out here?
Can we do this in E1?


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