Question on Price Override Code in Sales Order Prog


I used "credit order from history" to create CO. I drew the order without
changing the price. However, in some CO, the flag "price override code" is 1 but
some CO does not show 1. I try to compare these two types of orders( with flag
and without-flag and did not see any pattern.

Anyone knows why the price override code is on and the cause of it?


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The price override flag (PROV in the F4211) is set automatically by the
system under certain circumstances so that orders will not be repriced when
running the Reprice Sales Price/Cost program. The circumstances that set
this flag are:

1. Any entry of a price manually in order entry.
2. Copying the order from another order
3. Blanket Order Release
4. Creating Credits from History

This is a very good thing to have the system do, because generally you want
the system to skip repricing these orders. The only problem is that when
this flag is set, the price history (F4074) from Advanced Pricing is kept
hidden, so the visibility of any discounts or taxes based on Advanced
Pricing is lost.

The reason some of your credit orders have this flag set and some don't is
probably because some orders were created from history and some were
manually entered. If you are getting inconsistent results from creating
credits from history I would report that to the Response Line at JDE.

I have noticed some recent changes in how this works regarding the
visibility of price adjustments. For example, Blanket Order Releases no
longer 'lose' their price adjustment history. I'm not sure if credit orders
from history recently changed as well. In either case, the PROV flag should
be set by the system automatically when blankets are released and credits
from history are done.

If the PROV flag is set and the system doesn't show the price adjustment
history, you can run a UBE to blank out the flag and the price adjustments
will then be visible and available to print on the invoice and be used by
Sales Update for the accounting.

I hope this helps you get started.

Andy Klee
Klee Associates
JD Edwards Certified Professional
Tel: 970 856 4811
Re: RE: Question on Price Override Code in Sales Order Prog

Is this field F4211.PROV shown anywhere on the SO application? So that user can see and know which lines' price will be updated when they run R42950 to update price?
Thanks Andy. This was useful. It helped today 18 years after it was written. Wow.