Question on JDE Routing Setup for an Item with Multiple Operation Sequences


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Hi All - I am new to JDE Enterprise One. if we set up the routing for an item that has more than one step in the operation sequence (for this example Operation Sequence 10.0 and 20.0) My question is this:

Does the system calculate for both steps each time the part is created? Or can you set up the routing so that it will only charge for one or more steps (sequences) based on certain conditions?

I do not know how to set up conditional routing if it exists - is there any documentation regarding this?


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There's three ways that you can create a routing that varies for an item in manufacturing.

The first is to use different routing type codes and attaching based on that. So you may have a standard manufacturing routing and a rework routing as an example. The second method is with batch sizes. So if the routing changes for different known quantities then you can have a different routing for each of those quantities. Both of these methods will still cause manufacturing accounting variances for standard costing so it probably doesn't achieve what you're trying to do.

The final method is to convert the item into a configured item and thus calculate the routing operations based on the configuration rules. This will overcome the accounting variances but creates a whole new world of hurt if that is the only reason you're doing it.

How variable is your routing in reality and what is the trigger for the optional steps to be executed?

BTW, you should probably post to the applications forum rather than the developer forum for these sorts of questions.