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We have been dealing with a problem with the "connection" between OneWorld
and the Vertex Quantum for Sales Tax system for about a year now. It shows
itself in several ways.

On occasion, the user will go to the Address book (or other form that asks
for the tax identifier) and it will decide that it is an invalid code. If
you hit the flashlight, then it pulls up the standard JDE tax areas (instead
of pulling up a GeoCode search).

Also, you will be merrily creating Sales Orders with sales tax and suddenly
sales tax will stop getting calculated at all.

Or... If you just leave the P73GEO (or Sales Orders) up for about 2 hours,
then you will experience this "Disconnect".

Vertex says their version 2.0 solves a problem where there is only one
connection to DB2/400 and it cannot handle different search methods from
multiple users. JDE and Vertex say they will not be ready for version 2.0
until first quarter 2001. I don't know if this is related to our problems
or not.

If someone happens to know a trick here... I would be grateful.

AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3, NT-SQL7 for CO
We had the same "disconnect" problem. The only way it would reconnect was to
bounce OW. The way I fixed it was to add more processes to

*****************************pumped this up*********************
number of AutoStartProcesses=0

We haven't had a disconnect since then (that was about a year ago).
Hopefully this will work for you too.

Mark Siebenschuh
Oracle 8.0.5
JDEB733 Base SP3