Quantity Shipped is greater than Quantity Order - JDE 9.1.2


Hi All,

Appreciate your thoughts on the below Scenario;

Quantity ordered is less than quantity shipped in Sales Order. Order is Sales updated.

Ordered Quantity is 24 EA, Shipment Confirmed is 40 EA, Item cardex has transaction equals to 40 EA and Sales update happened for 40 EA.

How to get Quantity Ordered and Quantity Shipped in Sync?

There is a processing option in Ship Confirmation (P4205) to prevent users from over shipping. This may help prevent this situation from happening in the future. If you ship confirmed 40 and sales updated 40, but only physically shipped 24, then you will need to do a credit for the 16 pcs. You can do this by adding -16 EA to the existing order, then processes it through ship confirm to return the 16 back to stock and update the cardex. Once its ran through sales update it will create a credit to the customers A/R.
What exactly are you asking ABS?
Are you asking how to change the Quantity Order or Quantity Shipped after the fact?
or are you asking How to Prevent this from happening in the future? (if so - see Devo's answer)
Hi Devo,

Thanks for the input.

As mentioned by Larry, my query is " How to change the Quantity Order or Quantity Shipped in P4210".

could you please tell what is the name of the field in the processing options of p4205 to control over shipment?
The processing option in the P4205 is under the 4-Edits Tab. Its Option 3 -Prevent Over-Shipping - Blank = Overship, 1 = Do not Overship.

you don't change data to match what you want like that.
Someone told the system they shipped 40 of something instead of 24. When that happens inventory is decremented by 40, Inventory valuation goes down, Item commitments are reduced, G/L Postings are made, etc. You just don't change 1 field in 1 table and think you've fixed your problem.
In this case the appropriate action would be to create a new line on the SO for the same item but with a quantity of -16, then ship confirm and process that line.