Qsoft manual


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I have been asked to maintain one of our clients, JDE securities on Qsoft. Can anyone share Qsoft mannual and it will be of great help for me.


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Hello List,

I have been hearing the name of QSOFT too . What exactly are the advantages it has over the normal F00950.. ??

1. with respect to creating new security
2. with respect to changing/maintaining the applied security



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Creating/Maintaining new security becomes re-usable object(collections of different security type records) based. The benefits of an Object oriented security model means simplified, organized, logical, and inheriting framework.

Technically, Qsoft E1config replaces the security workbench and wraps custom FY5A*** tables around all security areas along with new interactive applications.

With SOX in the picture the reporting/audit benefits are countless. Below are just a few bullets:
` Security Change Audit/History.
` Historic Reporting in all areas of your security model.
` Segregation of Duties Management/Reporting. (The BIG one)

In XE (Group Security) You can implement pseudo Role model with SOD controls and Sequence functionality.
In E1 (*ALL Security) You can organize security records into re-usable objects and mange in two fold Sequencing.
In all versions an All Doors closed model is a breeze for maintenance.
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