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Qry Software for OW XE


Does anyone know of a software where we would be able to query JDE
files and the data that is displayed shows column names from the Data
Dictionary (like we can in the Enterprise Report Writer in JDE)?
The client's back end is the AS/400 and they are implementing
One World XE

Thank You


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Check out ASC's Sequel product. We have not yet used it, but it does contain
a JDE Data Dictionary Xref build, and I imagine it will include the column
names. We've used Sequel for many years for reporting needs from our legacy
systems. See www.asc-iSeries.com

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Vterala :

You may use the ODA ODBC driver from JDEdwards.
Gets installed on every fat client.

Sebastian Sajaroff


Re: RE: Qry Software for OW XE

Thank You ! I looked at the website and it looks promising. I will
forward this information to the client...