Here is my question:
We have an unpredictable situation here. On two separate occasions we have experienced a situation where all UBEs just sit in a wait status. This situation did not start until SP15 (B73.3.2 on an AS/400 V4R5M0). The reason SP15 was chose is because we could not use Scheduler with our previous service pack. So now that SP15 is implemented and Scheduler is being used this situation cropped up twice. The first time was near the end of June and yesterday it happened in the late afternoon. The only way I can get jobs to restart is to IPL the AS/400. The second time it happened it was caught. The jobq was held then we IPLed so that we did not loose the submitted jobs. The OneWorld logs seem to be vacant of any information from about 10 minutes prior to the problem and start back up about 10 minutes after the problem starts up. There is a message in the AS/400 joblog about the QLGPGCMA.LOCALE could not be found. It has been verified that the object does exist and it exists in the location where the joblog showed that it did not exist. Any ideas?