QBE - wildcard


Has anyone had the problem to where the wildcard feature within the QBE stops working. For example, within the OL, I enter an R* within the object name, hit find, and nothing shows up. The object type does have an "*". Even if I enter UBE as the type it still doesn't work. Plus it is not just this screen, happens in Item search, address book, etc...

Its not happening to anyone else I know of here. Possibly a JDE.INI issue? Also, it works in CITRIX env. okay. Only when I'm within a fat client environment it doesn't work.


B7332, AS/400, DB2


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Does it depend on User ID too?
If yes, then try to delete all enties for the User in P98950 User Overrides Revision application.
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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)



Found out that I had an older version of Client Access on my PC. The wildcard would work when I wasn't on a fat client (using Citrix). Once they upgraded me to Client Access express (rel 4.5), it now works fine. Somehow if the Client Access version on AS/400 doesn't match the version on your PC, it can effect the QBE from working.



B7332 SP11, AS/400 V4R4, DB2