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Push Installs


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We are looking into implementation Push installs with OneWorld. Anyone
using a good thing or bad thing? How is working? Any tricks or fixes
that will make it work correctly and save us some time on this project.

Thank you in advance.

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Make sure that your users have Local Admin rights on their NT Workstations.
If not, they won't be able to install the packages you force on them. If the
package is also mandatory, then they won't be able to get into JDE (since
they can't get past the install dialog).

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Are you talking about scheduling a mandatory deployment or a Push deployment? My understanding of a push deployment is that it loads while the user is logged into OW and is available to them the next time they login using the OW listener. Could someone correct me on this.

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it did sound as if KJ(kill Joy?)jdelist was talking about a pull type of deployment rather than the push. However both require local administrator prvileges or update permissions to the OneWorld registry keys.

Push deployments were "supposed" to allow unattended (night-time) installation of update packages. If run as an NT service it does not require the user to be logged in.

The problem is that this stuff has never really worked outside of a lab environment. Search the list archives for people's comments on push deployments. Its certainly something we would like to see work, but even JDE doesn't reccommend it at this time.

Larry Jones
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Push installations do work, they simply have to be set up properly and used properly. I have used these both in the field and in the lab, and found it to work just fine given you understand the physical limitations.

A push install is nothing more than a UBE calling a silent installation using \\{deployment server}\jdedwardsoneworld\b733x\oneworld client install\setup.exe.

Prior to XE, push wasn't working with update packages, only fulls. As of XE, it now appears to work with all package types. (though I haven't finished all my testing yet....)

It has the same limitations as running an interactive setup from the deployment server since you are using the same setup program but in a silent mode. In other words, if 10 concurrent full package installations would crash your deployment server or cause a timeout, then guess what, so will 10 concurrent pushes. This isn't anything defective with push installations.

SMS or other 3rd party tools are usually a better choice due to the more sophisticated functionality that is offered.

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thx for the update. Maybe we'll take another look @ push after we complete our XE conversion. However I would not agree with you that push installs worked before XE if it could not handle update packages (the vast majority of packages deployed).

Do you currently have any clients using push for update packages?

Please keep us (the list) updated with your testing. I've always wanted to use push - maybe we'll get the chance now.


Larry Jones
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