E9.2 Push Button function to push Find button doesn't work



I have an application that has a Find button. I enter a PO # in a field and click this button and the PO header info is displayed in the grid below.

I launch a row-exit to do some processing on the PO and line items. At the end, process updates EDSP field in header file record (from blank to 'Y' or 'N') corresponding to the header record mentioned in the grid.

The EDSP field in the grid stays blank and the 'Y'/'N' in the file behind this grid doesn't come through. After row-exit processing is complete, I need to manually click on Find button.

At the end of the row exit, I call 'Press Button(HC F&ind)' to programmically refresh the grid and it doesn't work.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dave


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If the Press Button part of the ER is in "Button Clicked" Event, try moving it to the "Post Button Clicked" event.

If that doesn't solve the problem, then we would need to know a little more, like what type of Form(?), might there be logic when the EDSP field in header is updated that will conflict with the Find command(?), is "repeat for grid" checked(?), when you manually click on Find Button - is everything good(?).

Ben again


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is this a Row Exit Changed Event?
try moving the code to the Asynchronous event.

In general though this doesn't seem like a good design to me. A fast user can already be keying data into another row by the time your code finishes ...