PURGING FILES - Definitive Solution?


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One thing that every company needs to do is to purge data from files on a
regular basis, yet I cannot see any document on the KG covering this.
Various threads in this group have covered the primary files, but what is
really needed is a "definitive" document which includes all the audit and
related files which also must be purged, together with the purge
requirements for each one (ie: date, status, type etc).
Does anyone have a document of this nature which could be made available to
the group to save having to re-invent the wheel?
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<b>Tony Payne - Senior Systems Analyst</b>
Elkhart, Indiana 46516
I second that - we need to purge this year and we don't really know where to
begin. Any documentation on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


I agree, we could use this information about purging as well.

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Ronald Levesque
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Hi List,

At Focus 2001 one of the speakers at the SIG Financials forum raised this
very topic. His name is George Cole of Alltel Corp and he was looking for
input and assistance to compile a white paper for submission to JDE. This
white paper would outline the "requirements" identified by JDE customers
and would basically request that JDE develop a comprehensive method of
purging/archiving JDE files and maintain the relationship integrity between

Unfortunately I had to leave the session early due to a family emeregency,
so I don't have more details than this. It may be worth contacting him
(email [email protected]) to find out where the develpment of this
white paper is at. I'm sure he would be very interested in your input.


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Well I don't want to commit myself to something here but I did recently reply to a "purging post" a couple weeks ago with some "valuable" information. Check on threads from that post. There were some notes by various people that put together a pretty good picture of G/L, A/P, and A/R purge processes. I do have some "documentation" that I wrote up for myself so it really doesn't apply to all companies. I may try to spruce it up and post in in the download area. We'll see...

In general, every company purges information differently but there are some specifics about the actual PROCESSES that could be summarized. In general, I vaguely remember learning the various purging processes by reading and trial/error. I've purged lots of files over the years (we have multiple environments) and know most of them so I am willing to help where I can. I do know that we either found JDE's payroll purge process inadequate (or non-existent) and wrote our own. If anyone has any specific questions, I would be happy to try and field them if I can.

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This subject has come up several times before and has been addressed in
multiple ways. I guess the best way to summarize it is there is nothing
more than POOPURGE in the core JDE world to do this. We have not used this
option since it does not provide data integrity across files. I believe
someone else mentioned that the financial SIG was addressing the issue.
There are at least three SIGs (Life Science and Financial being two of them)
that are gathering information together for a "white paper" to be written at
the SIG meeting in February in AZ. If you want, you should be able to
contact the members of the SIG that covers your industry or area of interest
and provide input to them and get the feedback from the meeting, or better
yet go to the meeting. Try the Quest website or, I believe, a number of SIG
members do follow this forum.

There are many issues and concerns on purging/archiving that need to be
addressed and it is critical that they all be addressed with the broadest
possible application but done in a time frame that we can live with. We are
currently evaluating a couple of software packages for long term and adding
DASD to address short term.

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