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Purchase order print to PDF- use the PO number as file name


Hi, I am not a developer but I have a development question. We have JDE E09. I want to save the pdf output from a Purchase order automatically with the PO number. I have been told that it cannot be done. I do not believe this. Can anyone help? Thanks, Daithi


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If you use the embedded BI Publisher AND are at tools release 9.1.4+, you CAN control the file name of the output PO.

Chan Rana

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You will have more control with second option with wrapper UBE. only issue is all such UBEs needs to be launced thru the wrapper UBE.


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Output Stream Access. I'm, pretty sure you could get your head stuck in a book and tinker around with the way they handle UBEs and the runtime events linked to a UBE completing.


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Yes it can be easly done.
At the end of the report retrieve the job number (you fill find the instruction on the forum), the build the full name and then copy the file with the new name.


Bruno Condemi