Purchase Order inbound - How to work with changes?


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I'm using, following recommendation from few people here, the F4301Z1 and F4311Z1 for importing purchase order into JDE. That's working very nice, for a new purchase order.

Now, I'm trying to handle purchase order changes/modification. By example, ordered quantity has changed for one line.

I'm trying to "play" with the transaction action field, by inputing change or inquiry code, but whatever I do, it always add a new line...

Well, I would like to hear about how I must work with puchase order change, on the detail and header table... I'm searching through Oracle documentation, but there is so much missing information in these doc...

Anyone have advice for me? Should I use another table set for change purpose?

Thanks a lot!

Guy Robert

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The PO change inbound 860 transaction is not supported anymore in JDE. Few
customers would want to have the supplier process his changes in JDE
directly. Once you get a phone call and agree on the changes to make, you
could send out a 865 transaction to confirm the changes to the original
PO. The EDI 865 uses F47141 and F47142 files.

Guy Robert


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Seriously? JDE doesn't support anymore PO change inbound? If I want to import a purchase order already existing in JDE, with modified quantity, there is no way to do this with zfiles?

I'm working in a project where manual input is impossible: we are linking an external purchase order system where they use their own software...

You make me nervous now :p

I'm waiting for some help... Thanks!

Harshal Sheth

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You can try to use Change orders with Negative Quantity. Will it be ok with the customer. This will help you track the change in the order by dates.
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OK... I understand that negative quantity could decrease my ordered quantity thats good, but how technically I should use "change order" you talk about?

What I'm searching for, is a quick procedure on how to technically work with purchase order change inbound with zfiles.

Thanks for your help!


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I came from a phone discussion with Oracle, and they tell me that they are sure at 90% that purchase order CHANGE inbound aren't possible with zfiles, in JDE...

Workaround they give me: Using dll call (api), or business service (which I don't know).

Workaround in which I believe: Modifying the R4311Z1I to be able to handle PO change... It will be too long to interface with API...but if someone can help me in this, just to "start" me, it could be interesting.

If anyone have a words about this case, I will be happy to read you.

zfiles really su*k, I'm not happy.



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Haven't tried this Jef, but I do know that DRP processing (via R3411) adjusts Purchase Orders based on "messages" in the F3411 file.

Sooooo, if you can write your PO adjustment quantities from your external feed into the F3411 table as message type G or L records and then run R3411 it should adjust you P.O's for you.

Running standard DRP will give you an idea of the F3411 fields that need to populated for this to work - but it is a fairly simple file layout.

Hopefully this will provide a alternative/less painful way of interfacing these PO changes (although still kind of like a Z file - sorry!)



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I've successfully modified the R4311Z1I to process line to edit... we are never well serve as much than by ourself!

I'm not talking about your help here, but about Oracle support that is horrible, for the $$$ we are paying for annual maintening, but that is another history...

If someone need help with this report, I'll could help because there is not a lot of thing to change in the UBE to get it process the modified line.

Thanks at all

I have the same requirement. Need to update quantity and date (promised delivery) on F4311 and I am planning to do a table IO on header to update the VR02 field with the PO# from other system.

Can you help with the mod required on R4311Z1

I just looked at the code.R4311z1. What a pain to do Looks like it assumes always an add. . By any chance can you send the code changes so I can do it here .. Please


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Sorry for the delay, yes I could post the change that I made, just let me some time and came back to you with a post containing the code attached.



Hi Jef,

I need to work on the similar requirement.

Can you help with the approach taken to modify R4311Z1I to accept changed PO's




We have the same problem, also want to change quantities and dates on the Purchase Orders Inbound.

Can someone provide me a modified R4311Z1I to accept changed PO's?

Many Thanks


Client release E9.0 Tools Release 8.98.414