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Purchase Order Generator and Open Orders


Hi all,
This has got me scratching my head and wondering how I used to do it.
I have an item with an ROP of 50 and ROQI of 1000. With nothing on hand P43011 correctly suggests an order of 1050. However if you generate this order (5 times if you want!) it continues to suggest ordering 1050. As we operate in a sales and manufacturing environment we obviously don't want to have Amounts On PO considered "Available".
But Purchase Order Generator should take into account open order quantities when suggesting orders right? The documentation certainly suggests it does as it states the equation is SOQ=ROQ+EOQ-(Available + ON ORDER)
I'm sure this has worked correctly for me in the past at other clients. Is there perhaps a hard-coded Supply/Demand Inclusion rule somewhere (wouldn't think so as POG isn't time-sensitive)?
Ideas, experiences?


My understanding (of the documentation and "how everyone does it" ;)) is that POG takes Open Orders into account outside of Availabilty calculation - i.e. if you don't add Amount on PO to Availability (which you just can't! Sales and Manufacturing would be thrown way out) it will still base the calculation on it. The calculation is meant to be "SOQ = ROQ + EOQ - (Available + On Order)" - i.e. take whatever is available (as defined) and add whatever outstanding orders we have. This also makes the most sense! But am I wrong?


When you process the 1050 pc order the first time, is the F41021 being updated correctly in the 'on PO' column? I recall we had similar symptoms, in our case 'on PO' was being updated, but the nightly 'PO Repost' was resetting the column to zero, and PO Generator would create yet another order. PO Generator looks to the F41021 for orders, not F4311. Repost was the root cause of our problem.


Good question, and yes F41021 is having PREQ (On Order) updated correctly. From the way you phrased it, you clearly got it working in the way I want - i.e. taking On Order into account and not re-suggesting orders.
Was just thinking about looking into Repost PO to see if it needs to run first or something...


Olá pessoal,

eu sei que esse problema tem tanto tempo, mas eu tive a mesma situação e o verdadeiro problema foi que o item não tinha lote cadastrado na F4108.

Falha na migração foi a causa,na tela da disponibilidade me aparecia erro de Conversão de UM , um amigo teve esse problema e relatou que isso poderia ajudar.

após isso o P43011 passou a liberar os pedidos e parou de sugerir.