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E9.0 Published Bssv not response on servidor

Published Bssv not response on server

Hi i am developing a published bssv in JDE 9.0 with jdeveloper 11g and weblogic svr and i am having the following problem:
I deploy the bssv locally and it works correctly but when it passes to the server and runs with the same data set I am not getting the output parameters.

My Body response is the following
<orac:OrdenesDeCompraResponseElement xmlns:eek:rac="http://oracle.e1.bssv.JP574300/">
<java:E1MessageList xmlns:java="java:eek:racle.e1.bssvfoundation.base"/>

I am testing in SOAPUI
I validate the timeout but it is within the limits.
I did not find execution, compilation or deploy errors in the logs

I used Array List in internal VO:
private ArrayList <OrdenDeCompra> ordenesDeCompra= new ArrayList<OrdenDeCompra>();

and then I converted this in array to my output VO.
private OrdenDeCompra [] ordenesDeCompra= null;

public void setOrdenesDeCompra(ArrayList<OrdenDeCompra> ordenesDeCompra) {
this.ordenesDeCompra = ordenesDeCompra.toArray(new OrdenDeCompra[ordenesDeCompra.size()]);

public void setOrdenesDeCompra(OrdenDeCompra ordenesDeCompra [])
{this.ordenesDeCompra = ordenesDeCompra;}

Do I have to do any special steps to make it work on the server?

Thanks for the help.
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Hi, i solved this. I change all my bssv logic.

I think my code was not compatible with the server infrastructure because it worked perfectly in local mode. I was able to develop some more bssv with a list of parameters both in the input and in the output.

thanks to everyone,