*PUBLIC security - followup


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Hello again List,

Thank you for all your responses to my initial question on whether to allow
*PUBLIC or not. The responses were pretty well unanimous in recommending
that *PUBLIC be turned off/not allowed/disabled which adds support to the
direction we are leaning towards.

Gerald on the List (under kastanek) mentioned he had a current list about
76 programs that he gives back to *PUBLIC (printer selections, password
change, etc.). I would be interested in seeing that list (and any other
lists out there) to compare to a list we have started compiling. On our
list we have included about 190 Search & Select visual assists objects,
plus about 20 others (I can provide our list to any interested parties).

Another question, if I may. Has anyone discovered an easy way to determine
which programs/applications are "called" from each main program, other than
going into each one and clicking on all the form/row exits, visual assists,

Graham G. Aberdein
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