Promised Delivery Date check against Expiry Date


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Hi folks,

Is there a way in E1 to make sure that the goods you are picking for sales orders do not expire before the promised delivery date?

Is there a switch in the picking/suggestion process to activate such a check before the lot is added to the SO line?

We are worried that goods close to the expiry date may be valid when picked, but may then arrive customer side expired due to transit time etc.


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Anyone have any thoughts on this?

An extra requirement is the number of shelf life days left on the item when it's shipped is of interest too.



Why don't you add to the shelf life days some more days that represent the time between order entry and shipping?


Chan Rana

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Not sure if you are using Lot processing. Only way I think is using lot processing where you can setup on Item/Branch fulfillment method based on lot or best before dates it also has Shelf life days setup.
If you don't use lot control then you can setup this settings and customize to use them to achieve what you want.

This is just high level thought so you might have to dig in feasibility.