production purge R09911 very slow


Yesterday at 7 pm, I started the purge in the PD900 environment, for financial tables.
I started R03B800, R03B801, R04800 and R09911 one after the other in a single queue, as usual.
Before starting the job, I go into automatic instruction, as usual, and I removed the codes 1111 and 9999 for GLRC *.

Jobs R03B800, R03B801 and R04800 took 3hres to process, which is normal.
For R09911, it began around 10:30 pm and it still processing ... which is not normal.
After 12 hours processing, there are only 105,000 records purged from 5 millions to do ... when I look at the count in the F0911P, I see that the job purge something between 40 and 100 records per minutes…wich is very slow…at this count, it will takes two week to process this job…

Last week, I did the purge in the PY900 environment, with the same number of records to purge and took 6hres total to process R09911 and purge 5 million records.
The speed of JDE looks fine in production, no customer’s complaining….can you please help me because it’s impossible to take so much time and I can’t let the automatic instructions for GLRC* blank for too long because the customers will soon need to do reconcilition banking…
Thank you very much!
P.S. We have V9 and database is AS400


Finally, the speed just go back to regular speed and the job finish correctly...maybe something on the server...anyway, thank you!