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Has anyone used the Product packaging functionality in JDE. More specifically in B7332. It looks very interesting, but I have heard that it isn't all there. IF anyone has used it I would like to hear about your experience.


B7332 sp13.1 v4r4


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A few words to say about Product Packaging, especially in B7332...

..don't.....if you're small

If you only have one deployment server and a small or mid installation then
Product Packaging will really frustrate you since it does require a
significant amount of set-up and administration. Instead use PCAnywhere or
any other remote control software to give a developer remote access to a
workstation. This requires zero additional setup. If you're really keen on
developer's being disconnected from your network and doing development then
try 'Store and Forward Development'. you're a hugh company with several deployment servers that are do
not have an identical set of objects

If you have several deployment servers with different sets of custom objects
then Product Packaging is for you. It will require a large amount of setup
and an army of peon's to maintain but this is actually one of the easier
ways to transfer objects from one deployment server to another when the
deployment servers are not identical. If your deployment servers are
identical (highly unlikely) then Oracle or SQL replication is your meal

Yes, Product Packaging 'looks' very interesting but looks aren't everything.
It's a good tool for what it was designed for (see page 1-1 of the B7332
Product Packaging Guide) but sometimes we try and use it for other things
that it wasn't designed for.

Hope this helps


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We've successfully used PPT in B7332 (XE in progress) to transport our
localization to multiple customers.
It has got its own share of hiccups, but the end result is perfect.

Do you have any specific queries on it ???

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