Product Packaging


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Has anyone tried successfully building a product packaging CD?.Can =
anyone mail me a detail list of steps needed for a smooth process. I =
tried looking at the manual...some of the steps described in the manual =
are confusing.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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We have successfully built and deployed a custom product package (Custom ASU). There is a documentation in the KG titled "Product Packaging Tips and Techniques (OTM-01-0001). If you are in Xe you need to apply SAR 4465163 as well. (Check OTM-00-0124).
Do not follow the Product Packaging Manual. It is misleading.

Good luck

Xe/ SP13.1/ UPD1/ SQL7/ WIN2000


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In addition to the previous tip about downloading the Product Packaging Tips document, make sure that you have the most current "Planner ESU". You can get this ESU from the JDE Update Center by searching for the ESU: JD10371. This ESU will have the latest fixes for Product Packaging and Software Update installs.