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Product packaging software


I am looking for different Product packaging tools avaialble. I came across Boomerang and trying to find other tools. What are the pros and cons of this tool? Please refer me if any links/posts that are already available in the list.



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Thank you for your interest in our software solutions.

Boomerang is probably the last one standing ;-) There have been a few others before, but I haven't heard of them for a long time.

You will find more details on the Boomerang page, but in short:
- Unparalleled ease of use - practically no configuration;
- Cross-release compatibility: XE through to E812 (E9 support is under way) both ways (with some obvious limitations);
- Client-Server as well as Standalone support;
- Fast;
- Small, encrypted, copyright-stamped packages with embedded description, instructions and license.
- Ability to include table data.
Thanks for your response Alex,

I've a quick question. Suppose I am building a product and I want to distribute it through Boomerang packages. Do I need Boomerang to be avialable at customer ERP instance also or not? Please clarify.