Product Allocation Questions


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I am looking for a solution to our distribution. One of our branches distributes to 30 other branches (stores). Each store enters their own ST orders on a daily/weekly basis. Store managers order what they think they need. When quantities are limited, we want the ability to limit how much is left of remaining stock and split it out by the percentage of sales for each store.

I am reviewing the Product Allocation Profile. I am using the Customer Only option. I pick the percent allocation method and enter the Percentage of Pool of 20%. But then it requires a quantity on the Quantity Pool Size. When I pick the pool size of let's say 100, it puts a number on quantity limit of 20 units. I don't want to limit the quantity to a certain number, I just want the system to take 20% multiplied by the total quantity available when I enter the sales order.

Maybe I just don't understand how this works... Can someone help me understand if I am using the wrong fields or if I'm entering it incorrectly?