Procurement Issues


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Since I've upgraded to Xe we've been having sporadic issues in
Procurement. Sometimes our users enter in a new requisition and it doesn't
show up anywhere, not in there queued for approval or in awaiting approval
for the person who is supposed to approve or reject it. Then if the user
enters it in a second or third time it finally shows up? It also seems that
if a user enters in a requisition and they try canceling it, the status
shows up as approved in the approvers awaiting approval queue, but the
approver can't approve or reject it? I've checked the approval routes,
order activity rules, processing options, address book, security and haven't
found anything that jumps out at me. Has anyone else experienced issues
like this? I'm wondering if I need to apply an ESU/ASU or update 1 or 2?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Xe sp13 - SQL 7 sp3 - NT 4 sp6a

Justin Walker
Systems Administrator
Colorado Christian University
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Are you having this problem with all the people entering Requisitions or
just one person? Is the person entering the Requisition also an Approver?
Did the person entering the Requisition click "OK" to save it before
exiting? Sounds like the person entering the Requisition needs some