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Processing XML in RPG

Frosty the Coder

Legendary Poster
I have a requirement to read/parse/process XML into JDE WORLD. (A73)
I've been able to GET the .xml from the server, but I haven't figured out how to read it w/in RPG.

If I allow the FTP to create the target on the iSeries, I get one very large row in the file.
The record length varies depending on how many XML statements were in the source.
Both the file and the record format w/in it have the same name (ie: both are F55XML)
RPG won't allow me to compile that.

If I instruct the FTP to place the XML into an existing file, I get one row of truncated data.

I don't see any RPG III op codes that allow me to work w/the XML.
I have read about the RPG IV "XML-INTO" command, but haven't done enough reading to know if this would help.

I have read that there are free tools to work w/XML on an iSeries.
I haven't done enough digging on these, YET, to understand whether they would be the best path forward.

Any/all guidance on what I can/cannot do would be appreciated.