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We have a UBE, versions, and p/opt dstr that were pushed to PD in two different projects.
The UBE and versions went first, the p/opts about an hour later.

When we try to access the versions in PD, we get "Processing options not found".
Version detail shows prompting as "2".

Versions in PY show the p/opts.

I'm hoping that repromoting the UBE and versions will correct this.
CNC doesn't think it will.

Does promotion timing (still) matter?
It used to be required to have the the UBE, versions, and p/opts in a single project.
I would think this is still "best practice", IS IT STILL REQUIRED?

JDEList is my first step in researching this.
Relevant suggestions are welcome.

Please AND Thanks


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Does promote mean omw status change or package build/deployment ?
Was there any error in package build ?
I would redeploy a project with ube, versions and procrssing options.

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Yes, promote means changing the OMW status,
advancing it from DEV, to PY, to QA, to PD w/builds/deploys at each step.

No, there were no errors that I was alerted to.



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and of course, please check that the Processing Options have been attached to the UBE, either through OMW or by submitting the UBE in CRP and prompting for the POpts.
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From this sequence of events it looks like the UBE/versions need to be rebuilt.

The first package did not contain specs for the po data structure. This will cause an allocation issue when attempting to read the values from BLOB.


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My guess based on what I know is that you can advance two related objects at different times, in terms of omw project status, but you would have to group the objects in the package.


I was also facing same issue, so my CNC has re-Promoted only version in PD again and issue was resolved..
So you can also re promote version in PD and Check..