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Processing option

srini jde

I have been facing a problem with C81DRPT.
Basically I have been modifying the program P42565. In which I need to put one processing option. But already 50 processing options are used by the program, mined is 51. In E81DRPT declared @op - MAX as 50. So how can I utilize the new processing option in the same.


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Option 1: I presume you are going to make modification to P42565 in User (development)library and these mods library will always be ahead in library list.

Copy E81DRPT into this User development library and make a change to @OP array.

Option 2: If you don't know the user development library may or maynot be on the top of the library list then,
a. Copy E81DRPT into this User development library and make a change to @OP array.
b. In P42565 change code as /Copy <UserLibrary/E81DRPT>

C81DRPT does not look at the size/no. of elements in @OP arrary. Hence you will not have any problem.

Hope this works for you.



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Without a lot of investigation it looks to me like P42565 doesn't use the same copy members to retrieve processing options as some other programs.

Many others (including all the ones that I write) use C9803L/E9803L (or without the 'L' for RPG not LE programs) and these (in A8.1 at least) are coded to allow up to 99 processing options not 50.

I seem to recall that the change from 50 to 99 was made in one of the recent A7.3 cums, but I could be wrong. I would think that these copy members got overlooked.

Best bet is to contact JDE/Peoplesoft/Oracle Support.
I would be interested to know what they have to say.

srini jde

Well, thanks for your help, even I raised the same query to my customer,
he said Please don’t modify E81DPRT, and i solved it by taking the value from F4101 (Item master) field, like if the field(IMPRP4) value is this – affect the code, else – affect the code.

Suppose If I will comment C81DRPT and will make it to C9803, but is it will halt any existing functionality which already using the program with C81DRPT, like level brks etc. any other functionalities.