Processing Option lost value


Hi All,

I have an application with many processing option fields running correctly. When I add a new Processing Option field, the application is not receiving the value entered into the new field (the debugger shows "null" as the value of the PO variable). I created new versions and the behaviour is the same. The total number of fields in the PO template is 229.

Any help will be appreciated.




I executed 'Generate HTML' from OMW on the application and PO template. The error arises in both local and server, but I am debugging in local machine now.


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It's very very strange. Do you see PO null value in the first line of inicialize section on main section? For if you inicialized the value on code.

This cases sometimes happens when old versions, but you created a new version and doesn't work. Try clear serializes tables (F989999 and F989998) in local database and try again. The report validated events rules well? What dd type is it? and what value?

I don't know what is the maximum parameters in PO. But try this, could you test in local to delete some parameters and debbug, and check if has value?


Yes, I put a breakpoint in the "Dialog is Initialized" event and the PO has a null value and it should be '1'. The DD item I used is the standard FLAG. The event rules validation is ok. I removed this field and added others and all of them have null values.

As we need a fast solution I created another appl (empty appl) just to enter new PO values. I am reading these new fields with a BSFN from the original application.

Perhaps the problem could be solved with a full package, as other person said in this thread.