Processing Option Functionality question


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

A question about how processing options / data selection works in terms of keeping the values separate for different submissions of a report.

Example: On a menu we have menu option defined with a UBE and Version specified and have it set to prompt for data selection and processing option values. So the user will select the menu option and can select data selection, then revise the data selection to what they want and submit the report. This does not change the default data selection of that version, so that when another user selects that menu option, it will use the original default data selection and not the revised data selection that the first user entered.

However, it appears that Processing Options do not work that way. If a user changes a processing option value when they submit a ube, then the changed processing options values are now the default values the next users to run that report and version.

Question is, is there any way to control that and have the Processing Options changed on a ube/version submission only affect that submission of the report and not change the defaults values in the processing option?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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What you have found is indeed the way Proc Opt's work. So you'd want to have different versions for different uses of the same UBE. Especially if you have a version that runs in the scheduler, you'd want to make sure that had its own version that end users don't run (so they couldn't change its Proc Opt's).


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Indeed, that is the way POs work (they stick)

Note that sometimes if someone makes the mistake of manually submitting a UBEVERS that's on the scheduler and changes the DS, that too can stick for all subsequent runs!
This only happens with scheduled jobs.

The behavior is correct. Versions remember Processing Options, but dont remember Data Selections after they are changed and executed. If you dont want users to change the Processing Options, then you should secure the version, Or use other means of passing the Options to your programs. i.e. setup tables, UDCs, etc. If Changing Processing Options is an issue, then dont have processing options. Good Luck