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Processing Flat Files on a Liux Enterprise server - E91

Hi All,

I have a custom shell UBE that synchronously calls a "flat file into Z file" table converter UBE.
The first thing this shell UBE does is check the flat file, that is going to be used in the table conversion, exists, using standard bsfn B0500180. The path code and file passed to this function is as follows;
The function B0800180 correctly returns a "0" as the file does exists.
Now my problem:
In my table converter UBE I also use the same pathcode for the text file I am about to process. Unfortunately the table converter doesn't find the file.
Is there a syntax problem here?
I have looked around at some similar issues but can't exactly match my problem. Apologies if there is one. If necessary I will provide more infrastructure detail but it's 23:30 here (Franc) at the moment so I thought I'd throw this out quickly to you guys the other side of the pond.

Thanks in advance...


Krishna M

B0500180 checks for file access only. It does not check for read/write access. Make sure that the path has read permissions. (See jdeAccess() API). I also wonder how Table conversion handles the period character in the file path.
Please post the log of the Table conversion if you can..