problems writing to F986113


Does anyone have any experience with the subsystem processing? We use P4312 for subsystem processing with R46171. R46171 runs as a subsystem job and reads records from F986113. This has worked for us all along and starting this week we no longer get records in the F986113. We have checked versions and everything else we can think of. Tracking it through the debug logs it seems to be having problems with the api ubeReport_AddSubsystemRecord. The strange thing is that this works from development path code but not our prototype path code. I have been using the same data and control tables from both tests but the objects seem to be the same. The api is a system tool and should be shared across path codes so it is very difficult to determine what has changed or is causing the problem. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


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We have similar problem here in my company, with
R00460, but the log for server side said something
like "Subsystem exceeded limit"

The solution was delete record for the table F986113,
I think is something with the configuration of the
jde.ini in the server side.

Let me try to find the documents that I find and send

I hope this help you


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anyone have any experience with the subsystem


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did you check the F986110 for the subsystem job? It might say there it is still running due to abnormal ending but it doesnt.



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When this happen only in one pathcode, you probably changed that data structure for the subsystem. The subsystem kernel verifies that the data structure matches its pathcode (and it only runs in ONE pathcode, specified in the JDE.INI) and if it doesn't, won't insert into F986113. If this is what you did, promote the data structure change on through if you only added things to the end of it.

If you didn't, then undo it and try again, only adding to the end of the structure.

Good luck. This is a little bit of a frustrating problem, but occurs very rarely in my experience.