Problems w/R42800 (sales update) After Performance Alert OTI-00-0

Michelle D.

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We applied three SAR's (2957754, 3165521, 1891651) per the subject document.
The abstract from the document is:

Abstract: The use of manual commit with record locking is no longer required
after B73.2 SP9. Prior to this, record locking was accomplished on the
AS/400 via a manual commit database connection and journaling. This caused
unnecessary performance degradation. Both the manual commit and journaling
can be disabled as of B73.2.2, achieving substantial performance gains.

The tables that were affected are: F00022, F41021, F0902.

After deploying the changes, when I run sales update (R42800) on the server,
the F41021 is only getting updated for the first sales order that is
processed. The other tables (F4111, F4108, F4211, F42199, F42119, F0911,
F0311) are getting updated correctly for all of the records processed.

The UBE does not end in an error. However, the JDE.LOG does report the
problem "JDB3600011 - Failed to perform Update for F41021."

When I run sales update locally, everything seems to works correctly.

When I look in employee work center, it reports "Error: Job R42800
Completed With Errors" with a lighting bolt icon in front. I get this error
message when I run the UBE on the server AND locally!

I have a call open with Denver, but I haven't been able to actually speak
with anyone yet. If anyone has any ideas, please pass them along. Right
now, I've got 2 days worth of shipments that were not relieved from

One other thing, when I ran it on the server with debug, I noticed that for
the 1st sales order (which is always successful), it does a "Select from
F41021," then "Select from F41021 for Update," then "Update F41021." For
the next sales order, it does a "Select from F41021," then goes directly to
"Update F41021."

Any ideas? Thanks!

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