Problem with security in JAS server


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I am receiveing the following error in my JAS log:

Couldn't create static link: P98305W: YOu do not have permission ot access this application. This is thrown from: com.jdedwards.taskexplorer.dataservice.exception.TEDSUserException

The user has two roles that define the security of P98305W:
Role1 - sequence 70 has the app as Run=N Install=N
Role2 - sequence 680 has the app as Run=Y Install=Y

I have tried changing the role sequence to that Role2 is before Role1 to no avail. I do refresh the security cache (WSJ).

The calling app is P90CG501 (Case Assesment).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Tom Davidson
iSeries, E1 8.12, OAS, Tools


Do you by any chance have any security on W98305WA as well?
We are seeing something similar with P98305W security open to all (*PUBLIC) but with W98305WA secured out.