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Michelle D.

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Hi List,

We're live on B732.2. Yesterday I installed Xe Demo Jr. on my PC using
Snapshot. What I did is:

1) copy Snapshot to my desktop
2) run it and "save new" my B732
3) installed Xe demo jr.

I have been able to switch back and forth with no problems.

My colleague did the exact same thing on her PC yesterday too. She was able
to switch back and forth just fine.

However, today she cannot sign on to B732.2! She restores it and then signs
on, but OneWorld never comes up. It looks like it's going to but it
doesn't. If you look at the JDE.LOG file it says that she signed on. We
tried it for several environments with same result.

I can sign on to OneWorld with no problem on her PC. I decided to try
logging her off and signing on to her PC as me (we both use NT). I did that
and was able to sign on to OneWorld using my ID AND using her ID. But when
she signs on to her PC, she cannot sign on to OneWorld properly.

I turned on debug and got a log for me and for her. There are some
differences. I have about a page worth more "Entering JDB_Fetch" than she
does and mine also has more selects from TESTCTL/F0082, F0083, F0084, and
F00821. I stopped comparing them and looked up those files. They all have
to do with menus.

Anyway, I think something got messed up in her RegKeys file, but I don't
know how to fix it. I had the same setup on a 3rd PC and decided to try the
"Delete" option on Snapshot. I thought it would only delete the RegKeys
file, but instead it deleted that plus prompted me to delete everything in
D:\B7. I said "no" but since it already cleared out most of the data in the
RegKeys file I can't use OneWorld.

It seems like once you start using Snapshot, you can't not use it!?! Is
that a correct observation? What do I do now? Her machine is a development
machine and I don't want to mess anything up. Should I just try
reinstalling B732.2?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Michelle Dulay
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