Problem to Call a BSFN

Hi all,

i´ve got an Error message "BUSINESS FUNCTIONLOAD FAILED - BAD LIBRARY N5542750"

in the jde.log is :

342/238 Thu Jan 11 16:22:37 2001 JDEOBJ771
COB0000008 - Could not retrieve BLC Header.

Have anyone a idea?

Please let me know!!




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Which action results this error?
(...and what is your release and SP level?)

Revise your BSFN definitions in OL.
Check, which DLL is it mapped into.
Does this DLL exist on the machine?

Maybe the solution is to rebuild this DLL with BusBuild and deploy it.
If you provide more information then maybe will get more help.
Good luck,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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I see a couple of possibilities here.

1 - If the error message is correct, then you've got "spec corruption" in you bsfn, N5542750. Basically, the blc header is a spec record (in the jdeblc file) that is like a header record for a function in a bsfn object. Whatever machine you are running this on is missing a spec record for the N5542750.

2 - The good news is that this is probably just a change management error. Since this is a custom object, either N5542750 was not checked in, failed on check in, was not transferred (? dev to crp, for example), failed on the transfer, or was not included in a package and deployed. My guess would be that the programmer forgot to list it on a transfer sheet along with whatever program you are running that calls it. So you've deployed the application (P* or R*), have started to use it, it calls N5542750, but the bsfn is not there. Check the checkout log application (P9882) to see if the object has been checked in and transferred correctly, then redeploy in a package.

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