Problem launching JDE published in Citrix Neighborhood from remote workstations



I'm a project manager for an implementation of JDE DR environment and we are having some issue with Citrix.
Hope someone can provide some help.

The environment:
Tools Release: SP24.2.0
Enterprise: IBM RS6000, AIX 6.1
JAS: Websphere Application Server 6.1 w/ Fix Pack 27
CITRIX Presentation Server 4.5

The Citrix Application was installed in a Microsoft Server 2003 R2 Standard

To run/launch JDE Fat Client and Solution Explorer published in Citrix Program Neighbourhood, from remote PC.

Current Situation:
1. On the Citrix Server, we've published Excel, Notepad, Calc and JDE Fat Client and JDE Solution Explorer.
2. From Citrix Server itself, we can launch all the above published applications, including the JDE programs, from Citrix Program Neighbourhood.
3. From remote PC, we can only launch Excel, Notepad and Calc.
4. <ISSUE> From remote PC, we cannot launch JDE Fat Client and JDE Solution Explorer. Nothing happens when we click the published icons
in the Citrix Program Neighbourhood.

We do not have this issue in Production environment. However, since this is setup for DR, there is no terminal service user CAL license on DR Citrix server.
My JDE consultant says he has set up everything that need to setup in JDE to run on Citrix Server.
My Citrix consultant says there is no special setup required on the Citrix Server for JDE.

Can provide some guidance on how I can resolve this issue?
Is there any documentation on what need to be done on JDE or on Citrix to make this work?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.