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E9.2 Problem Insert F4211 ECST

hello i am having the following problem when i insert to f4211:

I am working with a clone of R42565. When executing an insert to f4211 the ECST field is not mapped but when verified in the table it appears with value. This is wrong since it should appear worthless and is causing problems for the business.
I checked the logs and only see the execution of the statement and then the call to the database with the ESCT with value. In this log no intermediate process appears that is executed except the trigger. Even so, I checked the trigger and it does not change said value.

How can the ECST be taking value for this insert?

thank you very much, greetings


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Extended cost might be changing if you are changing fields like quantities , unit cost , are you doing any kind of recosting as a processing option of invoice program


Check the TAB (3) - Price / Cost Update, it may be that it has the call to some version of R42950.