Problem in Building Custom DLL

Hi List,
I would appreciate any help in this regard. We are at OneWorld Xe. I
created a custom DLL as we do not have Default CCUSTOM DLL needed to created
Custom NERs and C functions. I created Custom DLL by the name of ACCUSTOM
as I needed to create a NER. Everything built successfully. Now I need to
move the object from Status 21 to 26 using Object Management Workbench. Here
is where I am having problem.
Please advice how to move the DLL from DEv to CRP????
Do we have to go through Xe workbench or do something else?
Please any help will be appreciated.
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Hi Manish,
My answer briefly: remove your custom DLL (BL type object) from your project, advance your project status, build your DLL under CRP path code on the deployment server. Follow the same way when you advance your project to In Production.

A bit longer:
Last week I had the same problem at one of our client site. By my observation, current release of XE do not handle correctly BL type objects (DLLs), not only custom DLLs but the originals (e.g. CDIST, CFIN) too. BL objects are special objects not like APPL, UBE etc. They are not really Path Code dependent but their building blocks are.

I have added (defined) our custom DLL under my project, written my NERs and DSTRs, built the DLL on the workstation. I wasn't able to advance my project status. I tried to change the attributes of BL object without succes but receiving "unknown" error. I had set the attributes directly in the database, the same settings like CDIST has. I wasn't able to advance the status again. I noticed, that OMW do not brings up attributes of DLLs to the screen correctly (for CFIN, CDIST too) and XE get very slow (almost seems to be freezed) when I make some manipulation with DLL in the project (e.g. "move into" or "move from", etc.) After some further investigation have figured out that I have to remove the BL object from my project. After advancing project status I have built the DLL on the deployment server with succes. This worked at our site.
Please, let us know if it is work at your site too. Thanks.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)