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We have ran into a issue and would like to get your input on this. We are in the middle of CRP and getting ready to go-live with 90% of the company on Thin Clients.

How can you restrict a user from doing a view local output and reviewing other reports that were ran by other users. Such as our Payroll may run a report with salaries on Citrix, What do companies do today to keep other citrix users from finding that report in the printqueue and viewing it?

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See if this helps, this is from some communication in our group:
"Lawrence has found a solution that I believe could help solve our issue
with multi-user access to the c:\b7\printqueue folder on the Citrix servers.
This is the problem where anyone on a Citrix server can access the
printqueue folder and view anyone else's reports. The fix entails
redirecting the printqueue output to a different folder by adding a line in
the [network queue settings] section that reads: OutputDirectory=p:\b7
(or where ever makes sense). Jde automatically creates a subfolder called
printqueue so the actual location where the pdf's and logs will be stored
will be p:\b7\printqueue. If this folder were on the personal share (p
drive) there would be just one place per user to cleanup. In fact, if this
mod was made to all jde.ini's there would always be just one location for
each person regardless as to which Citrix server they arrived at via load
balancing. The only requirements to make this happen is to 1) make sure
everyone has a p drive, 2) modify all jde.ini's (or modify the source ones)
and 3) develop some method for cleaning things up (old pdf's, csv's and

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We are similarly using Citrix and currently looked into how we can do this. The problem with the p: drive is that the Citrix server will only have one p: drive as the JDE.INI is on the citrix server not the thin client.

The approach we have considered is similar, as follows:

In the [Network Queue Settings] of the JDE.INI for each user add a line OutputDirectory=X:\WTSRV\Profiles\NNNNNNNNNN where X is the drive letter for your WTSRV directory and NNNNNNNNNN is the user profile in Citrix. This will then create a PrintQueue in the users own directory.

Secondly you can change the OW security to prevent users from changing the user profile in the Work with Submitted Reports.

Thirdly - if real security is required, secure the directories on the Citrix server from viewing, just in case they can access the NT directories directly.


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You need to set up a separate User Area (Home Directory) each user, we have
this on a separate Server alongside their User Profiles. This will hold
their JDE.INI and the PrintQueue Folder, call this the W: drive in their
User Environment Profile. Now in the JDE.INI file add a line under [NETWORK
QUEUE SETTINGS] OutputDirectory=W:\.

This means that each user will only see their own Print output. If you then
add row security to the Work With Server Jobs, to allow them to only View
PDF on their own Jobs, and you are secure.

You need to ensure that each PrintQueue folder has suitable network security
to allow it to be viewed by the user concerned, I think it needs to have a
Share set up.

Also you may want to run a .bat job on the server at regular intervals to
clear out PDF files, or it will fill up - do not expect users to do their
own housekeeping!

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