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Printing UBE in other languages.


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Hi Everyone.

Would like to ask if there's any specific way to print UBE in another language besides the default language setup.

Example: Printing An Invoice in English and in Chinese.




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if your default language says lets say "English" (@ user profile) and you want to print in different language say "Chinese", then you need to add a processing option to take language override. There is a system function to override language which needs to be called initially to take required language to print.

David Robertson

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What version of JDE?
Do you have the language packs for the selected languages installed in JDE?

Invoices, as your example, should print in the language that is specified for the customer (F0101.ABLNGP)
See the Customer Level Break Header Do section:
// Retrieve the customer's language preference.
F0101 Get Address Information for OP
// Set the language preference.
If VA rpt_szLanguagePreference_LNGP is not equal to VA rpt_szPreviousLanguagePref_LNG And VA rpt_szErrorMessage_DTAI is equal to <Null>
// If language preference is blank, reset to default language.
If VA rpt_szLanguagePreference_LNGP is equal to <Blank>
[B]Set Language Preference[/B](SL LanguagePreference)
[B]Set Language Preference[/B](VA rpt_szLanguagePreference_LNGP)
End If