printing PO's


printing PO\'s

Has anyone done this?..............

I want to print a PO by calling P43500 and passing the PO#, document
type, company, etc....what other parms must I pass....i can't seem to
make it work, no matter what i pass.

JDE World A7.3


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Re: printing PO\'s

If I understand what you are asking, set up a version in Dream Writer with the
PO number, line #(if needed by line) and then call the CL (J43500). Parms to be
passed are the program (P43500) and the version you created.

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RE: printing PO\'s

Thanks, but i need to call a/the print program dynamically from within
an RPGLE program, to print the PO which was just created by this RPGLE
program, from outside data sources, not hardcoded in a version....unless
I can pass the PO number into the DW version...


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RE: printing PO\'s

You could always just update the Dream writer file records. Then just call
the normal CL.
I have done that in the past.

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Scott Parker
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RE: printing PO\'s

Did you pass the value '1' in the ##MODE parameter? This is necessary to
activate the logic to use the order number passed.

Mike Iaconis
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