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Printing output *DELETED*

RE: Printing output

Hi Jorg

If you want to see the output for each file you can type sabridge in the=

fastpath (only works on a FAT client). You then get a little program
that you type the file name in and select extract (excuse my
instructions if they are a little vague but I have temporarily lost my
FAT client). It then creates 2 extract files. One has nothing in it and
the other (which you can look at in Excel) gives you all of the specs
you are looking for.

Kind Regards

XE, Oracle, HP, SP15.1, Update 1=20

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Subject: Printing output


Can somebody explain me, how do I create a printed output for the
structure of a database=3F
For example, I would like to see all Data Item Name, field descriptons,
length of fields and numeric/text ....

Thanks for any help

B7333 , Demo, W2000

J=F6rg Frey

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RE: Printing output

Hi Jorg

To print structure of a table go to OMW and create a project (you might =
required to be in Development Environment). Move the desired table in
project. Move the project to status 21. The go in to Table design. =
"Table Design Aid". Choose File, print from menu. That would print the
design to your windows printer. If you wish to preview the output =
file - "Print preview".

Good luck